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Bondi Dreaming Fundraiser

2nd May 2015

PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate release

Fundraiser to support Indigenous Educational and Health Initiatives

Cosmic Wheel presents Bondi Dreaming, an indigenous cultural event and tribal dance party, to celebrate Australia’s heritage and foster a deeper understanding and respect for Aboriginal culture.

The event will showcase the beauty, wisdom and tastes of Aboriginal culture through traditional dance and music, talks and bush tucker food. The night will end with a tribal dance party and profits will support the work of selected Aboriginal charities.

The event will take place at the Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach on the 2nd of May and is supported by the Waverley Council. It will be a special night dedicated to promoting a message of unity, healing and reconciliation.

There will be a variety of performances including traditional dance by the Minning Minni Kaiwarrine cultural dance group, talks by Aboriginal elder and internationally renowned artist Walangari and local indigenous council member Dominic Wy Kanak plus authentic bush tucker food by Fred’s Bush Tucker.

All profits will be used to support the work of the Purple House Western Desert Dialysis and First Hand Solutions in various health and educational programs in Aboriginal communities.

Tickets can be purchased at

The event is proudly presented by Cosmic Wheel, a local Bondi not-for-profit organisation raising awareness and funds for worthy community causes.

Further Details/Contact:
Anna Hirst (Director)
Phone: 0424 784 793

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Performer Bios & Images

Minning Minni Kaiwarrine (Night No More)

Cultural Aboriginal dance group from the Central Coast who will take us back to the dreaming, exploring connection to the land through traditional dance, ritual, song and storytelling.

Walangari Karntawarra

Australian Aboriginal elder and international award winning painter with colourful and spellbinding works telling the traditional Dreaming Stories of the world’s oldest living culture. Walangari’s work has been exhibited extensively both in Australia and internationally. He uses his art as a means of cross-cultural communication and he is dedicated to improving the lot of his people. He will be speaking on the significance of his art plus will also be performing some of his original songs.

walangari with Boomerangs

Dominic Wy Kanak

An elected Bondi Waverley Councillor since 1999, management committee member of the NSW Reconciliation Council , Vice President of NSW Local Government Aboriginal Network and Chairman of the Eastern Region Local Government Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Forum. His talk will be titled Practical ‘Dreaming’ – examining the purposes and responsibilities of connecting to ‘Dreaming’.


Josh Oshlack and The Rhythm Village

Offering engaging and fun live drumming with prayer and meditation. Josh is a talented musician with a passion for using music to help others. He facilitates interactive drum circles and music workshops and plays many instruments including seven different types of didgeridoos, gongs, singing bowls and drums.

DJ Marc ‘Kundalini’

A crowd-pleaser in the conscious festival scene for over 20 years. Renowned for his chillout and dance-floor sets, Kundalini draws from a broad sonic palette (including sacred, ambient, shamanic, dub, funky organic global grooves & trance) weaves an exotic tapestry with sensitivity & creativity, to take the audience on an uplifting journey, enriched by his live didgeridoo virtuosity. Get ready to burn up the dance floor to DJ Kundalini’s unique mix of live didgeridoo and electronic beats.


Fred’s Bush Tucker

Aims to foster a understanding and appreciation of Australian Indigenous culture through traditional bush foods, medicines and culture, with a vision to promote the acceptance of quality, authentic Australia Indigenous bush foods. They will be serving delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes made with authentic Indigenous ingredients.